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Angeon Group, LLC is a private investment company. Our primary objective is to invest with founders and management teams in privately held businesses. Our permanent capital base allows us to offer a unique partnership. We do not underwrite investments with an eye toward the exit. Instead, we focus on creating value through compounded earnings growth over long time horizons. We have a small team, make quick decisions, and develop creative investment structures throughout the equity capital structure to suit the particular needs of companies and business owners.


We look for businesses with the following characteristics:

  • Understandable, durable business model with a proven earnings track record
  • Strong position in a niche market with sustainable competitive advantages
  • Established in-place management team
  • Opportunities to reinvest earnings or deploy additional capital into the business

In addition to our investments in private businesses, we invest in real estate, infrastructure and marketable securities on an opportunistic basis.   

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